Nicole Kidman tells W magazine that she will always remember her 40th birthday. ”When I turned 40 and [husband] Keith [Urban] drove me up the top of this small hill—we were shooting the film Australia—and he sat me down. And he had put together this huge firework display. And I sat there and watched like fireworks that would have cost a fortune, and it was just for the two of us. It was amazing, it was just…it was sexy.”

People magazine claims Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are expecting two babies. She is pregnant plus they are adopting a child from Africa. Thomas tells the mag: “I was in complete and utter shock! No one is ever prepared for something like that. It is almost like we suddenly had twins.”

Lauren says: “We tried to get pregnant for a little bit before. It was a good chunk of time and our family is extremely fertile, so I was expecting it to happen easily. I was like, ‘Maybe this is the Lord’s way of telling me adoption is what he wants me to do.’ And I was okay with that.
It’s funny to me how we tried so hard and then we didn’t try at all and it happened! We feel like it’s all part of the plan.”

Shania Twain tells Rolling Stone magazine that she wants fans to forget the music she did with her ex-husband. “I told anyone getting involved musically to forget about my other records. I didn’t want it to be related to Mutt’s productions at all. I wanted a more organic approach. I’m a different singer now. There was a lot of coming to terms with that. It’s been one of the obstacles in my life I’ve just had to learn to live with.”

Jason Aldean tells that he grew up on 80s music. ” I grew up on a lot of Southern rock and ’80s arena rock, Americana rock – Bob Seger, John Mellencamp type stuff, and then a lot of country. My favorite band was Alabama. They had some fiddle in their stuff, but not a ton. … I don’t have a fiddle player in my band. I use (that band) to cut all my records. When I go out on stage, I want it to sound like the record. It’s more of a Southern rock style with two guitar players, bass and drums. I don’t use a lot of fiddle, but I use a lot of steel. I’m on acoustic, and that’s all there is.”

Gwen Stefani tells NBC that Blake Shelton forgot about her on Valentine’s Day. “We weren’t together. I was here and he was in Oklahoma. He forgot! No, just kidding. I got some beautiful flowers and lots of texts. It was fun.” Well, as fun as spending the romantic holiday in separate states can be. “I mean, you know… I’m in New York and he’s in Oklahoma.”

Gwen Stefani tells NBC that it is weird working with Blake Shelton on The Voice. ”I was nervous at first. I was like, ‘Wait, is this going to be awkward? How am I going to act?’ It’s just natural. Sometimes it is a little bit [weird]. We’re driving home and I’m like, ‘Do you think I should put them together?’ And then I’m like, ‘Wait a minute! I’m not going to talk to you about this! I don’t know if you are the enemy. This is confusing.’ We actually do help each other, and I’ve learned a lot about country music – just in [the] last year – through him.”