claims John Rich recently told Sam Hunt that he reminds him of Johnny Cash. Rich said; “A lot of things about your style mimic the old-school great guys, and I don’t know if a lot of people would make this comparison. But if you think about Johnny Cash, for instance — you don’t sound like Johnny Cash — but Johnny Cash was incorporating rock and roll and gospel and all kinds of things into what he called, ‘That’s my brand of country music.’ And people said, ‘Johnny Cash isn’t country, he’s singing about subjects that we don’t allow on the Opry.’ And he said, ‘Well, that’s what I sound like.’”

Brad Paisley is going to perform disco hits at an upcoming fundraiser in Nashville. Other Country superstars will join Paisley in raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association. Brad’s wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley is putting on the event and says; “The Alzheimer’s cause is important to our family. After we lost my mom to this devastating disease, we wanted to help raise more awareness and funds for research. What better way to do that than to harness the amazing talent here in Nashville.”

Josh Turner tells Sounds like Nashville that he likes returning home to South Carolina. “It’s crazy when I can go back home and I can go to the grave of my third great grandfather, and even some ancestors that are older than that. It’s a culture. I grew up in amongst the tobacco farming culture which has changed a lot since I was growing up. I kind of describe my childhood and my upbringing as kind of a paradise in a way, because I was pretty blessed.”

Fans of The Voice had a mixed reaction to Alicia Keys recently slamming Blake Shelton on the show.

The Inquisitor claims she said; “The only reason you were invited back was because they have to.”

Alicia tells The Insider: “We’re all against Blake pretty much. The three of us are totally one thousand percent against Blake. One day we are going to bring him down!”

Fans React

“Alicia’s attitude to Blake was RUDE and I think it took him back a bit”

“Alicia Keys is officially my new fave on #TheVoice. Her enthusiasm for her team is on 11! Her coaching is also 10X better than last season!”

“.@blakeshelton #TheVoice Alicia’s team could give you a run for your money this year.”

Thomas Rhett tells the Tennessee that his concerts are influenced by a number of artists. “I wanted my tour to be a blend of Luke Bryan meets Bruno Mars meets Justin Timberlake meets the singer-songwriterness of a Chris Stapleton show. If you come to our show thinking, ‘I’m just going to sit down and enjoy it,’ well, good on you, but you might be one of the only ones doing that. I feel like I learned how to create an atmosphere. … The show stays dark and vibey, just certain things to make fans think this is nonstop entertainment.”

Lauren Alaina tells that she tries to ignore internet trolls. “It’s so weird how people like to make comments online and will say things about my appearance. Because I’m not a model, I’m a singer. And I know that I’m basically a brand. But I used to think that what I looked like was more important than the music. At one point I was so obsessed with what I looked like that the music just wasn’t right. And then when I flipped that switch and stopped caring what people think about me so much, that’s when the music really came into play, and that’s when I wrote [the song] ‘Road Less Traveled,’ and that’s when I wrote the whole album, because I stopped caring what people think, and I was able to write good music because I wasn’t trying to write a hit anymore. I was just writing whatever I wanted to write that day or whatever was important to me. I wasn’t in a beauty contest, I was in a singing contest. And I used to forget that; I used to forget that I’m a singer. I’d think of myself as, ‘I’ve gotta be this,’ and ‘I’ve gotta be prettier’ and ‘I’ve gotta be all these things.’ I’m like, it doesn’t really matter.”