Shania Twain is releasing a new CD called NOW. It will be out on September 29th


Nicole Kidman tells E! News that she and Keith Urban are having a mini-family reunion for her 50th birthday. ”I want to hang with my divine husband and my kids and my sister. I’ve already been to Australia and saw my mom, and it’s too far for her to travel. But my sister is coming over with all her children. She has six kids. That’s it for me. I don’t need any big parties; I just need my family around me. If I have my family around me, I am happy.”

Keith Urban tells Sounds Like Nashville that he plans to spend Father’s Day at home with his kids. “I’ll be home for Father’s Day. It feels great to be able to be home for Father’s Day. I’ve got good memories of many Father’s Days we’ve had with our girls. For me, at the same time, raising them right now, I feel like it’s Father’s Day most of the time. They write nice things and draw pictures for me, and it’s just heaven.”, citing OK! magazine, claims Blake Shelton sang “Every Time I Hear That Song” at the CMT Awards because of Miranda Lambert. A source tells the sites: “That song is an acknowledgment of how hard the split was for both of them, no matter how many harsh things were said. It was his way of offering some closure. No one [in the audience] quite knew where to look. Miranda kept her cool during the performance, but it was really uncomfortable for her, especially with Anderson there. Eventually, though, she felt touched by the intention behind the song.”

Ace Showbiz, citing, claims Gwen Stefani has mixed emotions about Blake Shelton’s upcoming birthday. A source tells the sites: “Gwen is having some varied emotions this year when it comes to Blake’s birthday since it lands on Father’s Day, Father’s Day reminds her of Gavin Rossdale. So as much as she wants to celebrate Blake’s birthday, she also has to think of Gavin that day and it’s a little weird and gets her to be a little emotional. But Blake is taking things as they come with humor. He respects Gavin as the father of her kids and knows he will be in the picture forever so he is okay with Gwen’s feelings and will do his best to make her not worry about it as much. Father’s Day also reminds her of the family she is starting with Blake because he is now getting into the role of step dad even with them not being officially married.”

Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher posted the following message thanking Predators fans for their support during their Stanley Cup run. ”Thank you preds fans for an unforgettable year! You brought passion like the NHL has never seen before and made me so proud to wear the jersey! You guys made this experience the best year of my career and can’t thank you enough for the support and for the memories that I’ll never forget!!”