Entertainment Tonight claims Ben Affleck has completed a stint in rehab. He released a statement saying: “He has completed his treatment and is feeling good. I did this for himself and his family. Family always comes first/.”

A source says: “Ben has struggled with alcohol for years and it’s a struggle that millions of people have to battle every day. He has nothing to hide and wants his kids to know that he did everything he could to be a better father. That’s why he announced it himself.”

Ben attended the Academy Awards with his sober coach.

E! News claims the engagement ring that Bachelor star Nick Viall gave to Vanessa Grimaldi is worth $100,000. A source tells the site: “It’s a traditional ring with an old-fashioned feel. It’s got an old-soul — it’s classic and elegant. He chose it because that’s what he thinks of her.”

Naughty Gossip claims Bachelor stars Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have already broken up. A source tells the site: “They split right after the filming. Now they are together just for business purposes. They know they can make more money as a couple and will pretend for as long as they keep making cash. This isn’t that unusual for couples from the show. It is all fake.”

Naughty Gossip claims Caitlyn Jenner may join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A source tells the site: “Caitlyn reality show was cancelled after bad ratings and she doesn’t want to return to The Kardashian show. She is in talks about joining Housewives. The President of Bravo is also the President of E! So she doesn’t have to worry about contract issues. Caitlyn wants to get away from Kris, and Housewives is her way away from her.”

People magazine claims Mr. T has lost 12 pounds since he started training for Dancing With the Stars. He Tweeted: “This Dancing is really making Me Sweat off the Lbs. I’ve already lost 12! I am Lean, Mean and 219. I am Agile, Mobile and Hostile. Grrr! Now I must be Honest with you. I’ll be Lying if I said, ‘I Don’t Have Butterflies.’ Well I Do!”

Breitbart claims Amy Schumer’s new Netflix comedy concert The Leather Special is receiving horrible reviews.

Netflix users posted …

“Absolutely horrible. Amy is 1 special away from being broke and homeless. Female comics are the best! Amy is not”

“I’ve had migraines that were way funnier than this stand-up performance. Very poor show”

“I enjoyed her shows before, but Schumer was neither funny nor insightful in this special”

Seth Rogen says he can leave the U.S. for Canada if things get too crazy with Donald Trump.

Raw Story quotes him as saying: “I got a whole other country I can go to. It doesn’t take a genius or a particularly creative mind to point out how blatantly idiotic and contradictory things are.”

Rogen has dual citizenship.

A new line of Game of Thrones wines has just been released by Vintage Wine Estates. Game of Thrones Chardonnay, Game of Thrones red blend and Game of Thrones Cabernet Sauvignon sell for between $19.99 and $49.99.

The Miami Herald claims Tyler Perry’s father Emmett is okay after a fire destroyed his Greensburg, Louisiana home. He heard crackling and popping sounds coming from his attic before realizing his home was on fire. Emmitt got out safely. Firefighters were unable to save his home.

The Wrap claims Alec Baldwin is going to be roasted during a one-night comedy special on Spike TV.

Alec released a statement saying: “I am dreading this. I am truly dreading this. But if Tracy Morgan is coming, it’ll be okay. Is Tracy coming?”

Alec’s special will air on Sunday, July 9th.