Naughty Gossip claims Gwyneth Paltrow may marry her boyfriend Brad Falchuk. A source tells the site: Gwyneth has already spoke with Chris Martin about it and he was he would be honored to walk her down the aisle. Her dad is no longer alive and she is very close with Chris. He is her best friend and he will do anything to make her happy. Some people will think this is creepy, but they think it is beautiful.’

OK! magazine claims J-Lo was skeptical about dating Alex Rodriguez. A source tells the magazine: “She used to think he was a bit creepy because [Alex] would show up backstage at her Vegas show and stop by the set of Shades of Blue. But she decided to give him a chance. They have this crazy-hot chemistry! It’s always been obvious that he was extremely into Jennifer.”

Us Weekly claims J-Lo and A-Rod see a future together. A source tells the magazine: “They definitely see a future together. He went backstage to meet her and they swapped numbers. It was perfect timing. He swe’pt her off her feet, First came texts. Then came flowers. He sent her a ton.”

People magazine claims Jennifer Garner is happy that Ben Affleck went to rehab. A source tells the magazine: ”Lately, he has been struggling and he decided that he needed to get back to being healthy again. It was Ben’s choice to receive treatment. She is happy that he is working on himself. Earlier last year, Ben was doing great. He was making an effort to stay healthy. But then something happened around the holidays that made him slip. Jen was supportive and understanding.”

Naughty Gossip claims RuPaul got married earlier this year to his partner of 23 years, Georges LaBar. He told Hollywood Today: “I’ve never said this on television before… we are married. I met him on the dance floor at Limelight in 1994 on his birthday. “So we got married on his birthday on the anniversary of when we met… so this year in January.”

The Daily Mail claims George Clooney’s wife Amal has spent $206,000 on her maternity wardrobe. The paper claims she purchased Valentino coats, Versace gowns, cashmere coats and Prada shoes.

Bachelor star Raven Gates tells US Weekly that she wishes Nick Viall would have dumped her before the finale. ”I did wonder why he didn’t give me [that] courtesy. But I also understand that he knows me well enough that he knows I love to say what I’m feeling, and I love to leave it all out on the table, and so I really think he was just giving me that opportunity I did have that question for him, so I am curious about it, but I felt like I already knew the answer, that he was going to say that he wanted me to leave it all out on the table because that’s ultimately what I would have wanted.”

Richard Simmons’ brother Lenny tells the Missing Richard Simmons podcast that his brother is not being held captive in his home by his caretaker. “He’s doing what he wants to do which is kick back and have a quiet life. He’s not angry with anybody. He just decided, I’ve done it and I’m going to be quiet. For some reason he wants to be quiet, which is the complete opposite of how he normally is. I don’t understand it, but I have to respect it. I’m not too sure why he made that decision to do it that way. He hasn’t told me. He really has not confided in me.”

The Wrap claims Star Wars star Mark Hamill is engaged in a Twitter feud with former Trump campaign staffer Kevin Eck.

Kevin tweeted: “Stick to playing Han Solo’s short little b—-.”

Mark responded: ”An Education Dept. employee @kevxindy should know short/little is redundant like Russian colluding/traitor or grabbing/sexual predator”

Mr. T tells the Chicago Sun-Times that he plans to gain weight following Dancing with the Stars. “Every week, doing those dance workouts, I lose about three or four pounds. The first thing I’m going to do when I get back home is go get me a nice big piece of some Giordano’s (Chicago stuffed pizza)! I’m going to have to bulk up, so I don’t look so puny!”