In the Spotlight Segment of this weeks Kstar Country Classics Show, we’re going to start off the new year with a little something different. We’re not going to spotlight an artist at all! Instead we will feature a year. A year like no other in country music history. Hows that you say? Well this particular year had only four songs make it to the #1 spot on the charts. To give you an example of the rarity of this, the previous year had ten #1’s and the following year had eight. We’ll play those four songs in our Spotlight Segment this Sunday. We’re also starting a brand new feature for 2018. We call it “Answers”. Mary will explain this Sunday, plus there’s our first Email of The Week for the New Year. It comes from Galveston, and our Sunday Funny involves a talking dog. All this and lots more this Sunday morning, 8-10, with me and Mary McCoy. It’s the Kstar Country Classics Show on 99.7FM, and