Our Spotlight Segment this week shines on an artist who was born in the same Mississippi town as the legendary Jimmie Rodgers, but grew up in San Antonio, where he fell in love with the rodeo circuit when he was a teenager. However after a couple of years of bruises and broken bones, he re-thought his career plans. And because he did, country music fans were the better for it. After a few years of playing joints all over Texas, he moved to Nashville, took out a loan to pay for a recording session, and the result was a top 20 song on the National charts. Find out more Sunday. Did you know that one of the characters in the movie The Godfather had a song on the country charts? Because of our Email of the Week you’ll find out the identity of this unlikely “country singer”. Sunday is Mothers Day, so we’ll be sprinkling in plenty of “Mamas” tunes throughout the show. Theres also music from Gene Autry, Jean Shepard, Eddy Arnold, Ray Price and lots more including our Sunday Funny, and Mary’s “Girl In A Song”, which is a tear-jerker this week. It’s the Kstar Country Classics Show, Sunday morning, 8-10, on 99.7FM and Kstarcountry.com