On the Kstar Country Classics Show this Sunday, our Spotlight segment will focus on one of the most beloved entertainers in Country Music history. Dozens of hit songs, his own TV show, movies, admired guitar player, and multi- country music, and Grammy award winner. And to think it all started in a little community in Arkansas, when he was nine years old, and his uncle bought him a guitar. We think you know who this is, but this Sunday, you’ll learn a few other facts about him, like his connection to Frank Sinatra, and the Monkees!  You’ll also hear Sonny James last career top 10 record. Plus a song that was #1 on the country charts for 5wks, a top 10 pop hit, and won four Grammy’s. Because of our Email of the Week, we’ll play a song by a country music Icon that was recorded in 1962, at his very first session for a small California-based record label. Theres a very good chance that you have never heard it. All, this and lots more including the Sunday Funny, and Mary’s Girl in a Song. This Sunday morning, 8-10, on the Kstar Country Classics Show, 99.7FM, and kstarcountry.com.