On the Kstar Country Classics Show this Sunday, we put the Spotlight on an artist who was winning national banjo competitions at the age of 15! But he is also one of the most acclaimed guitar players in the music business. He made his first appearance on the Grand Ol Opry at the age of 17. He was a friend of Mickey Mantle. In fact Mantle recruited him to sing at his funeral, which he did. Find out more about this multi-talented, award-winning entertainer this Sunday. Also on the show, you’ll hear a Hank Williams tune that was a huge hit in 1950, and the same song was re-released 26 years later! Not quite a huge hit the second time around however. And, did you know that Reba McEntire had a song on the charts in 1976? That was about seven years before her first #1 record set off her tremendous career. You’ll hear that early Reba Sunday. All of this and lots more including our Sunday Funny, Email of the Week, and Girl In A Song. This Sunday morning, 8-10, on the Kstar Country Classics show 99.7FM and kstarcountry.com