On the Kstar Country Classics Show this Sunday, our Spotlight is on an entertainer who is legendary not only by music standards, but by State of Texas standards. From the cotton fields of East Central Texas, to a barber shop in Northeastern New Mexico, to the worldwide stage, and ending up in both the Country Music, and the Rock ‘n Roll Halls of Fame. One quote referred to him this way: “He would not allow music to be put into a strait jacket. It did not have to conform to anything but human feeling”. Find out more this Sunday. Mary’s Girl In A Song this week was a big hit with both country and pop fans in 1977. The Doubleshot features a couple of songs by Charley Pride that you may never have heard before, and our Email of the Week comes from a retirement home in Tyler Texas. Plus, theres music from Jimmy Wakely, Hank Snow, Dolly, Conway, Faron, and lots more. Sunday morning, 8-10, on 99.7FM and kstarcountry.com