The entertainer in our Spotlight Segment this week was the youngest of thirteen children in a West Virginia farming family. A situation that could get one “lost in the shuffle”. But this artist was determined to make country music his life. In fact, as a youngster he often talked of one day performing on the Grand Ole Opry. Not only did that become a reality, but at one point, he was oldest living member of the Opry. He was also the first country artist to circle the globe while on tour. Find out more about this Country Music Hall of Famer this Sunday. In Mary’s “Answers” you’ll hear the answer to one of Marty Robbins biggest hits, and we’re guessing, you’ve probably never heard the song before. We’ll also play song that was a top 10 country hit for a Playboy Playmate. Our Sunday Funny is from Archie Campbell this week, and you’ll hear Dave Dudley’s only #1 country record. And, it probably not the one you’re thinking of. All this and lots more this Sunday morning, 8-10, on the Kstar Country Classics Show, 99.7FM, and