On the Kstar Country Classics Show this Sunday, our Super Spotlight Segment features an artist whos songwriting talents were instrumental is getting a foot in Nashville’s door. And after several years of writing hit songs for Webb Pierce, Bobby Bare, Ray Price, Charley Pride and many others, he finally cracked the country charts as a performer. It all lead to a Country Music Hall of Fame career, which also included movies, and a TV show. Not bad for a guy with a physical impediment, that’s not usually associated with success in the entertainment business. Find out more this Sunday. In the “Answers” segment this week, is a song that was the flipside of another answer song. And it answers a classic Hank Williams song. If you’ve been a listener of the show for a few years, you know what the Sunday Funny is going to be, plus theres our Email of the Week, and also songs from Merle Haggard, Red Foley, and the Kershaw Brothers that you may not have heard before. All this and lots more, this Sunday morning, 8-10, on the Kstar Country Classics Show, 99.7FM and kstarcountry.com