United Boots Woman Not Cat: NBC claims Donna Weigel was recently kicked off a United Airlines flight instead of the cat she was allergic to. Donna was flying from Baltimore to Chicago when she noticed the cat seated near her.She told flight attendants and gate agents that she would need to be moved. “I was definitely thrown off the plane. I had no option. I was perp-walked down that aisle! I have a lot of respiratory problems and asthma. And cats are a trigger that I have to avoid at all costs. The woman with the cat was seated just a few rows away. I said, ‘Oh, that is way too close’. Was told to swap seats with another passenger in the rear of the aircraft. I still balked at that and said why do I have to move? Why can’t the cat move? They said you’ll have to come with us — the crew is not comfortable having you on the flight. I’ve never been kicked off a plane, and I was just so stunned that this would happen to me. You know, I’m hyperventilating at this point. Almost in a full blown asthma attack.”

Donna was driven to D.C. where she was placed on another flight.