K-Star Air Personalities

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Johnny Barton


Hometown: Houston, TX
Education: BFA in Theater from Sam Houston State University

Career Highlights:
Working on Texas Justice and Judge Alex court television shows
Working for Nickelodeon and ESPN for Super Bowl 38
Being a “client” for Jim Adler, the Tough, Smart Lawyer
Being a murderer in Macbeth and having the audience boo me for it.
Favorite Country Artists
Mark Chesnutt
Garth Brooks
Marty Robbins
George Jones
Willie Nelson

and the greatest musician of all
Elvis Presley

Favorite Country Songs:
Jose Cuervo – Shelly West
Two Pina Coladas – Garth Brooks
Whiskey River – Willie Nelson
Uno Mas Cerveza, Por Favor – Tommy Alverson

Wait, that’s what I had to drink last night…