This wouldn’t even work on Christmas Eve.  But definitely not two weeks BEFORE Christmas . . .

On December 10th, a 32-year-old guy named Kabian Coleman broke into someone’s house in Sparta, Wisconsin.

He ended up hiding in a closet, and the people who live in the house realized he was there when their dogs wouldn’t stop barking at him.

When they tried to open the closet, he held it shut.  But he was trapped.  So he decided his best chance was to pretend he was SANTA.

Through the closet door, he said “HO HO HO.”  Then he told them not to open the door, or it would ruin their Christmas surprise.

While they were calling 911, he left the closet and stole a few things from their garage.  Then he ran out and broke into a neighbor’s garage.

The cops were able to track his footprints in the snow and found him there.  He later admitted he was on drugs, and claimed he was on his way to turn himself in.  He’s facing charges for trespassing and resisting arrest.  (WTMJ)