There’s GOT to be a better way to try to hide evidence than this.

The cops in Orlando, Florida got a call on Monday about a guy trying to buy jewelry and gift cards with a stolen debit card.

The guy was a 27-year-old named Jose Herrera.  And when he saw the cops coming, he tried to hide the evidence . . . by EATING the debit card.

I’m not sure that’s even possible, and it wasn’t . . . he wasn’t able to swallow it before the cops stopped him.

And I guess at that point, he gave up on trying to hide evidence . . . because when they found a baggie of white powder in his pocket, he immediately said, quote, “I’m not going to lie, it’s cocaine.”

He also had 13 other stolen credit and debit cards on him, and he was hit with several charges.  (CBS 6 – Orlando