Around 4:30 A.M. on Monday, three people in Beaver, Utah tried to break into an elderly couple’s home by kicking the door down.  Ultimately they couldn’t get through, and they took off when the cops came.

The cops caught two of them quickly, 23-year-old Brayden Bowler and 18-year-old Sandra Arzola.  But the third person, a 21-year-old guy named Reynaldo Alvarez, took off running . . . and managed to get away.

It turns out he hid in a DUMPSTER.  And he might’ve been able to ride it out in there for a while . . . if a garbage truck hadn’t come around, picked up the dumpster, and emptied it.

The garbage truck driver pulled over when he heard a POUNDING coming from the back of his truck.  And when he stopped, Reynaldo jumped out.

The cops found him nearby and arrested him.  All three are facing charges of burglary, drug possession, and more.  (St. George News)