The website has a 28-question personality test that tells you which fictional character you most resemble.  And unlike those lame BuzzFeed quizzes, it’s somewhat science. A website called had people rank the personality traits of more than 600 fictional characters from movies and TV shows.  And in less than five minutes, it can tell you which one’s personality is closest to yours.

There are 28 questions.  Or you can do a longer version that’s a little more accurate.

Each question has a slider where you rank your various traits.  Like how “wise or foolish” you are . . . how “normal or weird” . . . and whether you’re mostly “modest or flamboyant.”

Once you finish the questions, a picture pops up of your closest match.  And you can also see how close you are to the other 650 characters in the system.

For example, you might be an 87% match with Jim Halpert from “The Office”, and only a 30% match with Darth Vader.

Go to if you want to try it out.  Just scroll down the main page and find the test called “Statistical ‘Which Character’ Personality Quiz.”