A 19-year-old guy in New Mexico named Markell Barnes robbed a Pizza Hut a few months ago.  And on his way out, he ran FACE-FIRST into a door he didn’t know was locked.

He ended up leaving through a different exit.  But apparently his face hit the first door pretty hard, because the cops saw the surveillance footage . . . and realized they might be able to pull his DNA off of it.

So they swabbed the door and sent it to a lab.  And I guess he’s been arrested before.  Because the results matched a DNA sample they already had in their system.

The robbery happened in June, but they just arrested him last week.  They were also able to link him to another armed robbery that happened the same day.

He’s facing charges for attempted armed robbery, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

(Las Cruces Sun News)