If this was the first battle in the HIPSTER DRINKING WARS, I’m glad it was resolved peacefully.

A guy was staying at an Airbnb in Brooklyn, New York on Friday . . . and it happened to be across the street from a popular craft brewery called Other Half Brewing Company.

It’s so popular that people LINE UP around the block to get its limited-edition releases.  And they were having one of those releases on Saturday morning, so there was a big line outside on Friday night.

Well, apparently the guy who was staying across the street wasn’t a big craft beer fan.  So he started TAUNTING the people in line waiting for beer . . . and he aggressively drank WHITE CLAW in front of them to show what HE liked drinking.

The people in line started taunting him back . . . and the guy threw his White Claw at them, then went back into his Airbnb and got his GUN.

Fortunately, he didn’t wind up shooting anyone, but the people in line called the cops and the guy was arrested.  (New York Post)