On the Kstar Country Classics Show this week, our Spotlight segment shines on an artist who as a youngster had a terrible asthma condition which forced him to sleep, sitting in a straight-back chair, so he could breathe comfortably. He would often fall asleep while practicing playing the guitar, and by the time he was in High School, he was an accomplished player, to the point that he dropped out of school to join a band. His guitar skills then landed him a job as a session musician for RCA. His career eventually included 14 Grammys, and nine CMA awards. He’s in both the Country Music and Rock ‘n Roll halls of fame. Find out more this Sunday. Mary’s “Answers” features a song that was one of the biggest country hits of the 50’s and an answer song that came four years later! It too went to #1. All this and lots more including the Sunday Funny and Email of the Week. The Kstar Country Classics Show, Sunday mornings, 8-10, on 99.7FM and kstarcountry.com.