On the Kstar Country Classics Show this Sunday, our Spotlight Segment shines on an artist who had dreams of becoming a pop singer..until he saw Hank Williams perform. After seeing that show, he learned the guitar, started playing small venues in the North Louisiana area, and by chance was heard by Webb Pierce who got him a spot on the Louisiana Hayride. A Capitol records promoter, who at that show, signed him to a deal. And just as his career was about to take off, he received his draft notice. However, he had recorded a couple of songs for Capitol, and while he was in basic training, one of those songs went to #2 on the country charts. Find out more Sunday. Sunday is Mothers Day, so we’ll be sprinkling in some “mamas” songs during the show. Speaking of mamas songs, our Email of the Week asks about the ‘back story’ of perhaps the most famous mama song of all. Mary’s “Answers” features one of the biggest selling country songs of the 70’s. Plus theres our Sunday Funny, and a Mothers Day Doubleshot from Elvis. All this and lots more, this Sunday morning, 8-10, on 99.7FM and kstarcountry.com