On the Kstar Country Classics Show this week, our Spotlight Segment shines on a true country music legend. An artist, who from early on, seemed more likely to spend more time in prison, rather than on the stage. But, he got break, and made the most of it. He went on to have a five decade career in country music that includes 38 #1 hits, and record sales in the multi-millions. His name is in the Song Writers Hall of Fame, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Not bad for a guy who was born in a boxcar. Find out more Sunday. Sunday is also Father’s Day, so we’ll be sprinkling in some “Daddy tunes” throughout the show, including a Daddy Double Shot of Hank Williams. And there’s the Sunday Funny which involves coon hunting and a monkey.  The Email of the Week asks about a song that was a #1 hit for Marty Robbins, but not for the singer who covered it seventeen years later! Plus, you may want to get out the tissues for Mary’s “Answers”. All this, and lots more, Sunday morning, 8-10, it’s the Kstar Country Classics Show, 99.7FM and kstarcountry.com.