Here’s What Luke Combs Learned from the Backstreet Boys and N’ Sync

LUKE COMBS’ voice is about as country as you can get.  And although he DID grow up listening to ’90s country artists like Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, and Alan Jackson . . . it was a different set of voices that influenced his vocal style.

He said, quote, “I learned to sing from The Backstreet Boys.  [There’s] no kid that’s my age that wasn’t listening to The Backstreet Boys or N’ Sync.  I [also] listened to a lot of John Legend around high school time.

“Learning to sing that stuff really honed-in my melody abilities.  Those were the kind of folks I was listening to and singing . . . as far as singing stuff goes, that was who I was listening to.”  (Luke is 30.)

(This was in an interview with the Grammy Museum’s “Behind The Songs“.)

Speaking of Luke:  He’ll be performing on the “Billboard Music Awards”, which is going down October 14th on NBC.