Lady Antebellum tells Rolling Stone that they are releasing a dance song with EDM dance artist Audien. The song is called “Something Better”.

Hillary Scott says: “We got approached about it and we listened to the song. We loved the lyrics and the melody.”

Charles Kelley says: “This is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. Lyrically, it was powerful. It reminded me of some those really great messages you hear from a band like Switchfoot. It took us out of our comfort zone. We’re learning as a band not to be so scared of things. We’ll always stay true to the country genre but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.”


Carrie Underwood tells USA Today that her next CD will not feature songs all about her baby. “I didn’t want to force anything or have anything be cheesy or weird, like ‘Oh, she had a baby, so she’s singing about her baby.’ There are some things on there that are definitely familiar, but there’s a lot of growth that has happened, as well. It’s going to sound a little bit different — still the things that fans will obviously know is me. I’m not going crazy or anything , but it’s a little bit of a shift.” claims The Dixie Chicks are reuniting for a show in Ireland on May 4, 2016.


Brad Paisley tells ABC that he is excited about opening for The Rolling Stones tonight in Nashville. ”It’s mind blowing. And everybody says, ‘Yep. When do you want me to do it?’ Nobody says no. I think [Bruce] Springsteen would do it. Anybody they want to ask would go, ‘Yeah, I’ll come play.'”


Brad Paisley tells ABC that he is excited about opening for The Rolling Stones tonight in Nashville. He says they are country. “I like to say they’re the number-one rock band in the world, and they’re about in the top five in country bands, just counting the four or five songs that they’ve done over the years that are absolutely, indisputably country. It’s as influential as anything in our format.”


Keith Urban tells US Weekly that he is ok with being outnumbered by women at home. “I didn’t grow up with any girls in my family, it was just my brother and me and mom and dad. Now being in a family that is all girls, I’m learning an enormous amount. Nic and I are very in sync with the way we want to raise our girls. We maintain a very expressive, artistic house. I’m very comfortable with it.”