Raising A Hand Volume Two

-Volume Two is the second of a set of coffee table books

-The book was created by friends and fellow photographers Dave Clements & Kevin Black (brother of Country Music Star Clint Black) both resided of The Greater Houston Texas area (bios attached)

-The book has 271 pages and features 238 artists each raising a hand in a black & white photograph (206 artists were featured in the first volume)

-The distinctive white cover features a montage of eleven incredible artists including Garth Brooks, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Alan Jackson, Christine McVie, Chris Stapleton, Wynonna, Gregg Allman, Lionel Richie, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews and Pete Townshend of The Who (cover attached)

-A special new section of Volume Two is titled Behind The Lens with Dave Clements & Kevin Black. This section includes short stories of how several of the photos were created and interactions with some of the artists featured in both Volume One and Volume Two.

-The book costs $35. Plus S& H with all the proceeds going to Rett syndrome research.

The book is available for purchase at www.RaisingAHand.com for $35. Plus S&H

About Rett Syndrome

Rett syndrome took the life of Kevin’s daughter at the age of sixteen.

-Rett syndrome is usually random, meaning it could happen in any pregnancy, but such cases are thankfully rare. There is no known cure, but treatment for the condition can help to improve the patient’s life.

Rett syndrome is a condition that affects how the brain develops. Most patients will show no symptoms until they are up to around 18 months old, and then problems will begin to develop. The disease causes the patient to gradually lose their motor skills, and speech.

The condition is found mostly in girls and it will cause a number of symptoms that can have a considerable impact on the patient’s quality of life. The disease cannot be cured, but treatment is available that can help to lessen the impact of the symptoms on the patient. The average life expectancy of girls with the condition is mid-40s.

Notes from the Photographers

‘To be able to gain approval of so many artists each willing to raise a hand for our cause is very satisfying and we are talking about a lot of people who are very accomplished entertainers!’ (Dave Clements)

‘It’s unbelievable the feeling that comes from giving the Rett community hope and the awareness that someone is out there working on their behalf to find a cure for Rett syndrome.’ (Kevin Black)

Kevin will be performing on Thursday July 29th at The Dosey Doe Big Barn and the band Foghat will perform the next night also at the Dosey Doe Big Barn both in support of Volume Two of Raising A Hand
Foghat was chosen as the featured band as a member of the band family has a daughter with Rett syndrome.

The book is available for purchase at www.RaisingAHand.com for $35. Plus S&H