Full-service salon owners Cari Stewart and Amanda Lucas are holding an open house at  Salon Bei’ Elle in Willis with the hope of sharing with their clients and the local Willis/Montgomery/Conroe community information about Rett syndrome and local non-profit organization Raising A Hand For Rett.

According to Cari this mother/daughter team learned about Rett syndrome from one of their regular customers Kari Schmidt about a year ago and since then these two ladies have been drawn to raising both awareness and money to help eliminate the disorder.

Amanda stated that ‘Rett mainly impacts females, about one in 10,000 births of girls and we are a business that mainly caters to women’. ‘For us to be able to do our small part and help these kids is heart warming for us and perhaps we can make a little difference in these children’s lives.’

‘Because of our desire to help we decided to hold an open house at our salon on Saturday, May 6th from 12-6 pm and invite the general public and our clients to come by the salon that afternoon and visit with us. We hope both women and men will stop by for a few minutes, say hello, look around our 5000 square feet full-service facility that caters to both sexes yet more importantly learn about Rett and meet local photographer, Bentwater resident and Rett volunteer Dave Clements. Dave heads up the Raising A Hand For Rett non-profit and is a local resident living in the area for over 20 years. I have come to learn more about this disease that leaves children, mainly girls unable to walk, talk, use their hands on purpose and  they are very susceptible to seizures, often dying at a young age. My mom and I want to get involved in the fight against Rett syndrome and try to make a difference in these kid’s lives. I can’t image a child having to go through their life dealing with all of that, it’s just not right.’

Clements stated ‘We are excited to join Cari, her daughter Amanda and the 20 plus other men and women that work at the salon and share our story with all that might walk through the door that day.’ He went on the say ‘I got involved with Rett syndrome when my friend Kevin, brother to Clint Black, lost his daughter Cortney, at the age of sixteen to the worldwide disorder. Since then, we have been doing all we could to try to eliminate what the Black Family had to go through now twenty years ago.’

Schmidt, besides being a customer at Salon Bei’ Elle, is on the board of Raising A Hand For Rett and one day last year approached Cari and Amanda about getting involved in fight against Rett. ‘I approached both ladies and asked them if there was an opportunity to share the story of Rett inside their FM 1097 business. Shortly thereafter we were able to fill a wall inside the salon to display some of Dave’s and Kevin’s photos and sell them for a donation to Rett. From there to now holding this May open house, is so exciting and better yet it’s all about the children!’ ’It is so exciting to see these two ladies get involved in the fight!’

Schmidt went on to say, ‘Because I am in the framing business, we were able to easily frame Dave’s and Kevin’ photos, many that are in the books Raising A Hand Volume One & Volume Two, and display them in the shop for the customers to enjoy and purchase, with all the proceeds going to Rett research. It’s been exciting to get to know Cari and Amanda, and watch them start to get personally committed to making a difference in the world of Rett syndrome.’

Another customer, Lisa Neal, also a local resident, knew nothing of Rett before coming to the salon as a customer, has also joined in the fight against Rett. ‘About three months ago I went to Salon Bei’ Elle and asked about the photos on the wall and that lead to a discussion about the disorder and has now made me an advocate for Rett. ‘I love the salon, and have since the first time I had my hair done there, and my support for Cari and Amanda has continued to grow as they have joined in on the effort to raise Rett awareness in our area. I think the salon is great and what Dave and Kevin have done in the Rett arena is meaningful. I would love for all my neighbors and other surrounding neighborhoods  to see the wonderful services the salon provides to both women and men and way more importantly I want people to see some terrific photography these guys have produced and learn more about Rett.

Neal goes on to say, ‘My husband Tom and I recently visited with Dave and his wife Cathi recently and it didn’t take us long to learn about Rett and his passion for the cause!’

The salon is located 13185 FM 1097W Suite C just West of Cude Cemetery Road and will be open for the general public to tour the salon and barber shop, look at many of Clements and Black’s photographs, meet the owners, visit with Clements and Schmidt and have a light refreshment.

Amanda shared, ‘We are proud to have a thriving full salon business close to where our customers live and even prouder to be giving back to that same community in a meaningful way.’ It would be so wonderful if one day these children and women with Rett syndrome could walk into our salon and enjoy our many services…. We hope one day, sooner than later.

This a free event and you can learn more on their event Facebook page