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71% of people always forget
to put this on the Christmas Tree.




ANSWER:  The Topper. 

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Dear Jay Morgan,

Can you settle a harmless debate between me an my wife. This is nothing we are mad about but were just curious how many other people do this. My wife wraps all her gifts with wrapping paper and does an amazing job, while I use all gift bags because I suck at wrapping. Seriously I do, It looks like a 1yr old tried to wrap it. My wife says that’s the easy way out and I’m not really trying but I’m just saving myself the embarrassment of people laughing at my wrapping job. lol. Is it bad to put all my presents in gift bags?



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I come with many colors, so beautiful and bright,
I turn so many houses into a beautiful sight.
What am I?


 ANSWER:  Christmas Lights. 

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