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46% of women are disappointed when
they receive this for Valentine’s Day

What is it?


ANSWER:  Flowers

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Dear Jay Morgan,

My girls and I went out for Galentine’s Day last night. I told them that my boyfriend got me a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day. I saw a picture of the ring online after he left his laptop unattended. I took a picture of it before showing it to my friends last night. We got into an argument about whether or not size matters when it comes to diamonds. Two of my friends say it does matter if a man can afford a large diamond, but buys a smaller one. They say when he does this it shows that I’m not worth the big bucks. My other friends say it’s the thought that counts. My boyfriend can afford a larger diamond than the one he bought me. I’m torn over whether to be grateful for the ring or upset that he didn’t spend more money on me. Is my guy a cheapskate?

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What ends in a ‘w’ but has no end?


ANSWER:  Rainbow



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