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When we say we’re gonna do this over the weekend,
only about 12% of us Actually fully do it.

What is it?



ANSWER: Being Lazy

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Dear Jay Morgan,

I’m dreading this weekend’s NFL playoff games because of my husband. He goes crazy during the games and screams and yells. We have a young son, who is starting to imitate what his father does. My husband says there’s nothing wrong with getting crazy and rowdy during games. I disagree and say it sets a bad example for our young son. Throwing things and using questionable language is dangerous for an impressionable child. My husband says he is passionate and that it’s no big deal because our son is going to grow up and act that way anyways. Am I overreacting?  My husband says I’m taking the fun out of being a fan.




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I’m first on earth, second in heaven, I appear twice in a week,
and once in a year, I’m in the middle of the Sea.
What am I?


ANSWER:  The letter  ‘ E ‘

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