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87% of people will put
these on their Christmas tree.

What is it?



ANSWER:  Candy Canes. 

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Dear Jay Morgan,

We have five kids in our family. Four of the children have been ‘nice’ this year while one has been ‘naughty’. The naughty child is beginning to influence the nice children. My husband says we should give the naughty child coal for Christmas to let the other kids know that acting inappropriate and doing poorly in school is not acceptable. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Part of me loves the idea while the other half feels Mom Guilt. What do you think about my husband’s idea? Good or bad? Is it cruel? Will it work?



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I can come as one or many, People
mistake me for socks, But I get filled
with treasures at least once a year.
What Am I?


 ANSWER:  Stockings. 

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