Josh Fuller

Josh Fuller aka Producer Josh

The Funny Farm Monday-Friday 6a-10a

Josh Fuller was raised on a Dairy farm, in New Waverly, Texas. He’s had his fair share of odd jobs and life experiences that make for some great stories, many of which led him to a career in songwriting. Being the front man of his own band for nearly 20 years, Josh can’t help but entertain every chance he gets. Bringing humor, sarcasm and creativity to storytelling is just one facet of his entertainment toolbox. He’s hosted podcasts, voiced commercials and has even written parodies and comedy bits.

Life has come full circle in his love for music. Radio made him fall in love with Country music and his career as a singer/songwriter of  Country Music has led him to a career in radio. With two teenage boys to keep him busy and wife of nearly 20 years to keep him in line, Josh has a firm foundation of faith, family and hometown values that is present in the work that he does.